Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat and Happy

Happy Belated Fat Tuesday, for today we purge.

I've been doing ab exercises with a friend. Then she gives me homemade cookies. I go swim and feel like my heart might explode, then I find my little one-time-a-year girl scout goodness staring at me when I walk in the door. Oy vey!

It's a constant see-saw. I actually think I work out to eat. I'm pretty sure K.D. Lang wasn't talking about chocolate when she sang "Constant Craving," but it runs through my head whenever I get around sweets. I totally eat and regret too.

Well, today for lent and for good, I'm giving up my lovehate relationship with my tummy. I'm still gonna eat, but I'm gonna enjoy it! My little Buddha belly and I are making piece. I will embrace my body, where it is at, regardless of the imagery society places around me of touched up stars and photo enhanced loveliness. May we all choose life instead of regret, and live it well, with lots of belly laughter, a healthy dose of cookies, and a joy for who we are inside our own unique skins!


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