Monday, February 25, 2013

A Precious Memory

A few weeks ago during our church service, our preacher mentioned something about putting water on someone's head. My little boy who, in typical little boy fashion, listens some of the time perked up. After church he started asking me a lot of questions.

I told him about his older sister being baptized by a creek when she was a little baby and how he hadn't been baptized yet which of course led to more questions. And all those questions eventually led to a meeting with our preacher to see if he wanted to be baptized too.

Yesterday he was baptized and it was a beautiful experience. He was so excited when he woke up and wanted to wear "something handsome." When our preacher asked for us to come up to the front of the chapel, it was like he was three years older all of a sudden and not a little boy anymore. But then as I took my place beside him, he reached for my hand and he didn't let go.  

He was curious, cute, attentive, and very sweet. After our preacher was finished, I watched as he and my son walked around the church so that my son knew he was part of a bigger family that would look after him and try to help teach him along the way.

After the service, he shook hands with everyone as they left the service. He was very natural and it just seemed...well, kind of perfect. And when they were finished, our preacher, being so observant asked if my son would like to examine everything from the service because he was so curious about it.

It was such a good day and one that reminded me about the wonder of learning and experiencing something brand new and feeling good support while you are doing it. I won't forget this precious memory.


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